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Kelowna Climbing Guide Book

Open your doors of cognition to the pages that cover all aspects of rock climbing, and dive right into the abyss of guidelines.

About Us

Conquer the heights with every foothold we carve out for you. We offer the right route for you to climb the rocks over to magnificence.



New Routes

Changes In Routes

Lonely Crags

Slide through the narrow crags with your feet to explore the deadly side of the adventure. Enjoy the solitude on the dangling rocks.

Sport Climbing

You do not fall in this pursuit; the anchors arrest you to the heights. We guide you through the tactics to tackle it.

Trad Climbing

In this climb, you remove all the tethers when the pitch is complete. The gear protects you all through the ascent.

Alpine Climbing

Slide into a jacket for the snow is to fall all over you. Hit the summit by taking the route we clear for you.

Dry Tooling

Use your ice axes to float in the rocky gorges. This type of rock climbing derives ideas from sports climbing.

Check Out

Wonders of the world were sculpted for you to conquer; they stand tall to set out tracks for you to follow.


When Is the Best Time to Go Rock Climbing?

All cliffs would be in their best shape by the end of April, which is the time when the mud season comes to an end.

What Equipment Do You Need?
You will need quality gear to complete the climb safely. Grab the climbing harness, climbing shoes, belay device, and a helmet.
Why Should You Hire A Guide?
Having a guide for the climb will always help you complete it faster the safe way. Chances of falling can be reduced significantly.
“Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you are made of.”

What Our Clients Say


Splendid service; I did the climb successfully by following the guide.

– Mary S. Diggs


What seemed intimidating at first was no more than a pile of rocks beneath my feet. Loved it.

-Virginia D. Shiflet

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